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Technologies: VSAT Systems

vsat systemsUtility Telecom has experience in designing and installing VSAT communication systems and earth uplink hubs. Utility Telecom will negotiate a beneficial contract for your utility with a satellite service provider, and manage the installation and testing of the VSAT terminal.


Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) are small dish satellite systems that use microwave frequencies. Communication satellites in space relay signals to large geographic areas on the earth. These systems use a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit (they travel above the equator at the same speed as the earth rotates so they appear to remain in the same position in the sky).

Satellite systems have the ability to transmit large amounts of information but they are not well suited for voice or protective relaying because of their delay times (it takes the microwave signal approximately one half second to travel to the satellite and back). They can support newer SCADA systems (that can tolerate the delay times) and remote telemetry applications. Some types have the capacity to transmit two-way full motion video although these systems are quite expensive to own and operate.

Low Earth Orbit Satellites

A new version of satellite communications is now being tested. These systems will consist of numerous satellites operating in a low earth (several hundred miles) orbit. Operating at frequencies typically used by two-way radios, they will offer reliable, low data rate communications suitable for telemetry and some types of SCADA systems. Some systems, such as the Iridium system, have the capability to transmit telephone calls and voice communications.

Because of their low orbits they will not have the significant propagation delay associated with the existing geosynchronous satellite systems. One system is in the final stages of testing and will have more satellites launched this year. Expect these systems to be a very cost effective low data rate telemetry competitor in two to three years.

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