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Technologies: Microwave Systems: Path Engineering Procedures

Utility Telecom has topographic data and a computer program that is used to predict the attenuation and refraction of a proposed microwave path. Given the tower height and location, along with the proposed frequency, Utility Telecom can evaluate the probable relative success of a number of different paths.

Utility Telecom provides, in addition to the path profile, a path specification summary sheet which includes basic reliability data. This can improve engineering efficiency by directing the focus of engineering and site acquisition efforts toward the best path.

Microwave System Summary

Constellation 8 T1

Transmitter Gallatin
Receiver Morganfield (Big Rivers)

Freq(MHz) 6700.00000 6700.00000
Latitude 37 41 12.60 N 37 38 49.70 N
Longitude 88 16 53.20 W 87 56 18.30 W
Elv (ft AMSL) 374.0000 436.0000
Ant Ht(ft AGL) 377.0000 350.0000
Bearing (deg T) 98.18° 278.39°
Orien (deg T) 0.00° 0.00°
Tilt (deg) 0.02° -0.02°
Line #1 Ls (dB) 5.54 5.17
Line #2 Ls (dB) 0.00 0.00
Other Ls (dB) 1.80 2.40
Antenna Gn 42.10 dBi 42.10 dBi
Antenna Model RFS-PAD8-65AC RFS-PAD8-65AC
Other Gn (dB)    
Distance (mi) 19.00  
Free Sp Ls (dB) 138.70  
Absorption (dB) 0.21(CALC)  
Alignment (dB) 0.50(SPEC)  
Other Ls (dB) 0.00  
Total Gn (dB) 84.20  
Total Ls (dB) -154.31  
TX Power (dBm) 29.50  
RX Thresh (dBm) -82.00  
RSL (dBm) -40.61  
TFM (dB) 41.39  
Reliability(%) 99.999664817  
Outage(sec/yr) 105.70  

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