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Technologies: Fiber Optic Cable Systems

feasibility studiesUtility Telecom can assist you in the creation of your private fiber optic communication system. Utility Telecom has experience in building fiber optic networks on overhead power transmission and distribution facilities and underground pipeline facilities. The primary requirement for fiber optic installation is a useable right-of-way. Utility Telecom has negotiated with some of the major North American carriers to acquire benefits for utilities by leasing excess FO capacity.

Fiber Optic Basics

Fiber optic systems operate by transmitting pulses of light over thin strands of glass. Voice and data information to be transmitted is converted to a digital format and then converted to light pulses.

Fiber optic systems provide some of the highest quality transmission systems available and they have the ability to transport extremely large amounts of information (literally thousands of channels of voice, data and video over a single fiber). Being made of glass, the fiber cable is a non-conductor so it is not susceptible to noise or ground potential problems.

Fiber systems are an expensive means of long distance communication for the low number of channels typically found in the power system environment. However, they are cost effective over short distances, (a plant or office environment), or when used to transport very large numbers of channels, or if other utilities are willing to share in the higher costs of construction of the system as a joint venture.

Fiber may be cost effective if construction of a new transmission line has already been determined and other communication alternatives are not readily available. For example, even though the material cost of an optical ground wire is substantially more than a basic ground wire, the cost of installing an overhead ground wire with fibers in it is approximately the same as the cost of installing one without fibers.

Since the cost of installation in this scenario is a large part of the overall project cost, the fiber ground wire proves to be a viable alternative for areas where higher bandwidth requirements have been identified and construction of a new transmission line with a basic ground wire has already been justified based on other criteria.

Fiber may also be a viable alternative if suitable arrangements can be made with carriers or other parties willing to share in the construction costs and provide dark fiber as part of the contract.

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