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Technologies: Distribution & Substation Automation

Distribution & Substation AutomationToday, out of concern for the environment and the increasing cost of energy, the public is demanding ever more from electric utilities.  It is becoming ever more important that electric utilities minimize operating costs through the use of automation while optimizing the operation of their systems including electric distribution and transmission facilities.  Since 9/11, there has also been increased emphasis on security both in terms of site monitoring as well as the security of data flow to and from facilities.  All of these challenges can be met through the use of modern telecommunications and information technologies.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) 

The primary purpose of SCADA systems is two-fold: the monitoring of accurate energy flows and associated values along with equipment status and the very secure control of related electrical devices.  A secondary function, that some utilities employ, is the collection of metering pulses for the purpose of revenue billing.  Historically, these systems have communicated with dispatch centers using analog modems.

Today, the trend is towards all digital connectivity using data packet transmission. Regardless of which technology you wish to implement, Utility Telecom can assist in the design and delivery of the necessary communications circuits.

Metering and Other Substation Devices

Distribution & Substation AutomationModern substations today have a multitude of sophisticated electronic systems including area control metering, sequence of event recorders, fault recorders, sophisticated computer based protective relays, electronic transducers of all types, etc.  All of these systems require reliable data connectivity back to a central monitoring and management location.  Again, the trend today is towards data packet communications with these systems using hardened mixed media (wire & fiber), Ethernet based connectivity.  Such systems typically require either fiber optic cable or digital microwave connectivity from the substation back to the central monitoring and management location.  Regardless of which technology you need to use, Utility Telecom can assist you in meeting your data communications needs.

Security Monitoring

Should you have a need for video security monitoring, high speed data packet channels transported by Ethernet provide an off the shelf solution.  These systems require a high speed data transport facility from the substation back to a central monitoring and management location.  The required transport facility usually takes the form of a fiber optic cable or a digital microwave system or a combination of both.  Utility Telecom can assist you in providing both types of transport facilities.

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