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Services: System Architecture & Design

Utilities in the energy industry typically have their own internal Telecom network infrastructure that more often than not is designed, operated, and maintained by internal Telecom staff.  The infrastructure is composed of different systems performing different and, in some cases, very specific functions.  By the very nature of the energy industry utility’s operations, the requirements and parameters that the different systems have to meet are unique and exacting.

system architecture and design

An in-depth understanding of the different technologies, both current and sometimes leading-edge, that can be implemented to support the Telecom network infrastructure is a must.  More importantly, work experience in the utility’s operational, administrative, regulatory, and executive environment is a major success factor.  Input from all of these factors, including the strengths and weaknesses of the existing network, must be assimilated and translated into a homogeneous and cohesive set of system parameters for the Telecom network infrastructure.

Utility Telecom’s staff has the expertise and years of experience in the utility industry to develop the system architecture and design required by the utility for a Telecom network infrastructure optimized for its specific needs.  We can develop the design criteria and identify the relevant system parameters necessary to meet the particular Client’s requirements in the shortest possible timeframe due in part to our short ‘learning curve period’.  We know and understand the utility industry because each of our staff has worked in the utility environment for years.

Whether it’s mobile radio, SCADA, fiber optics, microwave, multiple address system, telephony, or network management system design that you need, Utility Telecom can help.  If you have a special need that is not on our list, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your particular requirements.  And don’t forget to check out our other related services like Detail Engineering, RFP Preparation, Vendor Selection, Implementation Strategies, or even Field Support that you may also need.

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