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Technologies: In-Building Coverage Systems

in-building coverage systemsDo you have areas in your facilities where radio equipment does not work well, or possibly, not at all?  Radio coverage problems are common to areas such as mines or tunnel structures. Even areas such as the lower levels of high rise buildings, basements or heavy, windowless, concrete and steel industrial structures can have significant radio coverage problems.

One Way Coverage

These types of systems are typically applied where there is no need to transmit back to the originating (transmitter) radio site. Typical systems include radio paging, one-way telemetry, one-way control and video/surveillance systems. Utility Telecom can provide engineered designs & solutions to handle both single frequency as well as wide band multi-frequency requirements.

Two Way Coverage

in-building coverage systemsTwo way systems include standard mobile 2-way radio systems such as VHF, UHF, 800-960 MHz and point to multipoint systems up to 2.4 & 5.8 GHz, cellular and WiFi systems.  Analog fiber optic systems allow major system components, such as input antennas or base stations, to be located up to 30 miles from the in-building radio distribution system.  Utility Telecom can provide custom engineered solutions for these often challenging and unique 2-way system applications.

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