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Services: Documentation Packages

Utility Telecom understands the importance and dependence of telecom operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel on complete and accurate drawings.  This is the traditional bane on the otherwise good relationship between engineering and O&M.  Working with many of our Clients, it is not uncommon to find that the documentation process never really started out as a thought-out process but rather was borne out of necessity.  While this may not be true for larger utilities, drawing accuracy and timeliness is nonetheless an issue to be reckoned with.

documentation packages

We can help!  Our team of experienced O&M field engineers and designers will work closely with your drafting staff and field crews to gain a solid, working understanding of your existing drawing/documentation process.  We will recommend one if there is no formal and/or agreed upon process and work with your staff to obtain the necessary buy-in.

This ensures that the Documentation Package that we deliver will integrate with your existing process and will contain all the necessary detail that the engineering and O&M staff need.  If necessary, we will develop a sample package for trial implementation to make sure that the package is useful and workable.

The ever increasing rate of change in hardware and software today, not to mention the blurring line that distinguishes hardware from software features, requires a well-informed and forward-looking decision on what and how much details to show in telecom drawings and records.  The use of multi-media tools for storing, sorting, changing, distributing, and monitoring record changes must also be addressed.  System and circuit level drawings, circuit numbering schemes, drawing number nomenclature, and engineering design standards are just some of the corollary issues that Utility Telecom will address as part of this service offering.

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