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Technologies: Grounding Systems

grounding systemsUtility Telecom has extensive experience in the design of grounding systems for both large and small microwave and two-way radio sites.  Utility Telecom can also assist in the design of grounding systems for dispatch centers, associated communications equipment rooms and any related antenna feed line configurations. 

Microwave/Radio Sites 

A proper grounding design is critical to the reliable operation of microwave and radio sites. It’s also critical to the prevention of major equipment damage. Proper grounding or the lack thereof is also a major factor in the amount of electrical noise (interference) created at a site.

Utility Telecom has extensive experience in the design of ring and radial ground systems for antenna structures as well as single point and halo ground system for equipment enclosures. The proper grounding of any surrounding fence structure is also critical to minimizing site noise generation and to maximizing personnel safety.

Utility Telecom also has experience in the design and installation of RF shielded enclosures where exceptionally high ambient RF field strengths cause equipment problems.

Dispatch Centers – Equipment Rooms

Utility Telecom can assist in the design and layout of equipment rooms and associated AC and DC power systems. The design of a single point grounding system for DC feeds and isolated ground designs for AC systems can be critical to the prevention of equipment damage and the reliable operation of systems. From a grounding perspective, the successful integration of antenna feed lines from nearby tower structures into this environment can be especially challenging.  

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